Like a fish out of water

The crazy thing is that I am probably considered a fairly tech-literate person, and I have always been comfortable and enthusiastic about trying new things with tech in my classroom. Yet, this class has me completely overwhelmed and it’s only week 1. All week I felt like I should’ve been ‘doing something’. Whether it was reading articles, or engaging in some sort of research around the topics. After endlessly scrolling for a couple hours on the weekend, I sort of just gave up and hoped that I’d learn more about what I should be doing each week in class tonight.

This class is so different from the other 5 graduate courses I have taken, and that is not a bad thing, but I really do feel like a fish out of water. And someone mentioned last class about already thinking about our final project!? Yikes!

I hope tonight brings some clarity, and I hope I can gain a bit of confidence so that I don’t feel like I am drowning. The good news? Anytime I have felt like this in my life, it has turned out that I was in exactly the right place that I needed, I just didn’t know it at the time. I am banking on the fact that this is where I need to be. Wish me luck!


What IS technology, anyway?

In our first EC&I830 class last night, Alec casually threw out the question, what IS technology anyway? It made me chuckle, and reminded me of the many different things that technology encompasses. Technology is not just social media and iPhones. Yet, you’ll hear people say things like “Ugh, I wish technology wasn’t such a big part of our kid’s lives.” But is that really what we mean? When the word technology includes everything from our computers to the chairs we sit on, it really makes me stop and think.

I am often looking for the ‘next big thing’ to use in my classroom. A couple of years ago, that became Seesaw. Seesaw is a digital portfolio that I use in my class to engage my students’ parents and families with what we are doing in class. My students love sharing their learning this way, and I have seen the countless ways that it has benefited me as a classroom teacher. When I saw that one of our debate statements is “Opening and sharing in schools is unfair to our kids” I have to admit I was taken aback! In fact, I was almost ready right then and there to go on the defense. Not only am I excited for that debate, but I am very interested to see what the group who agrees with that statement will come up with. Unfortunately, I doubt they will persuade me to agree with it, however I think it is going to be super beneficial for me to see both sides of the spectrum to support or oppose the use of it in my classroom.