Debate #2 (Stepping way out of my comfort zone)

I like a challenge; this is what I told myself when I decided that I would attempt to ‘vlog’ rather than blog for my thoughts on this week’s debate. Little did I know, I’d spend countless hours trying to figure out how to do it, and then nearly fail to upload it because of a mistake I had made. Oh well… it is all part of the learning process, as Alec says.


Speaking of the learning process, I totally used Google to search for tutorials to help me through the creation of this video. Spoiler alert: that probably tells you which side of the debate statement I am siding with.

However, as many have mentioned, in no way do I think that Google should be used as a ‘be all end all’ solution to problem solving. I love seeing my students struggle through their daily math puzzler and seeing the exact moment that the lightbulb goes on. I challenge my students to think critically, and that it’s okay to struggle or make mistakes. I am there to help, to guide, to probe, and prompt. I am there to offer strategies or to provide manipulatives that may help. Just because my students have the math textbook, doesn’t mean that I don’t teach them the skills and knowledge they need to understand the grade 4 curriculum. In turn, just because Google may have readily available facts at our fingertips, doesn’t mean that we as teachers shouldn’t teach certain google-able content.

Without further adieu, here it is folks. Please don’t criticize too hard šŸ˜‰

Click here to watch my video blog for debate #2

Oh, and please note that it is finished at 5:19, but I forgot to chop the audio and so it plays til 6:19 hahaha.. oh wow… allllll part of the learning process (this is my new mantra I swear)


3 thoughts on “Debate #2 (Stepping way out of my comfort zone)

  1. You make a great point that you used tutorials to create your video, so Google can be very helpful. Students also use tutorials, especially on Youtube to learn new skills. Google and other tech tools provide a good start to gain certain skills, but like you point out it’s also important that students gain higher level skills of critical thinking. It’s our job as teachers to guide students in using these critical thinking skills and apply them to the use of technology, especially the information found online.

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  2. I am soooo proud of you Kari! You stepped out of your comfort zone and tried something new. Wow what an inspirational vlog. I loved it! It was interesting hearing about your time in Ghana and not having access to tech. I too feel that we become overly dependent on tech tools. I have only had an iphone for about a year and in that time I feel that I have become more distracted and less able to devote my full attention to a task because I’m always checking my phone for something. That is exactly why I resisted getting one for so long. The struggle is real! The struggle must even be tougher for kids who are still developing their will power etc. How do we create balance in their lives? I think that may be one of the most important questions of this era. How do we use tech tools without letting them consume us? Thank you Kari for causing me to pause and think.


  3. Awww thanks for the support Esther, it is really appreciated. Creating balance in our lives is something I think about often. Admittedly, I don’t have an answer for it yet, but it is still important to think about. I am quite curious about your reason for finally buying an iphone after resisting for so long. If you feel comfortable to share, I’d love to know.


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