Oh, and by the way…hi :)

After writing my first two posts, and checking out a few of the blog posts on eci830.ca I realized that I haven’t introduced myself yet. For those of you who do not already know me, my name is Kari Krug and I am a grade 4 teacher at Regina Huda School. This is my sixth year at Huda and I have taught everything from KG-4. I received my BEd from the University of Regina in 2011 and prior to taking my education degree I spent two years teaching English in China at Jingmen Foreign Language School.

In 2016, I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer with the Canadian Teachers Federation Project Overseas in Guyana, South America. To read more about my powerful learning experience please visit my write-up in the STF bulletin found here. While being there, I realized how extremely fortunate we are in Canada to have easy access to education, and so I began my MEd as soon as I got back.

Although a Master’s degree was not something I ever thought I would pursue, my trusted colleague and ‘advisor extraordinaire’, Andrea Sterzuk, convinced me that I should go the thesis route. This past two years of taking graduate courses and diving into the world of research has been both terrifying and enlightening. I look forward to continuing the crazy journey with this EC&I class, and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.


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